From the order to the final test report

1. New order:
What is needed?

  • material to be examined (the performance directory shows you the required quantity)
  • test specification (what is to be tested)
  • client address (will be used for the test report)
  • billing address (if different)
  • email address (for the speedy dispatch of the results)
  • fax number (for the order confirmation)
  • VAT identification number (outside Germany)


2. Feasibility
Your order will be checked for its completeness. In case of unclear points we will contact you.

3. Order confirmation
he order confirmation contains detailed information about the requested tests, the estimated cost and the estimated calender week in which the result will be ready.

4. Testing process
While we carry out the tests according to the norm and your requirements you are welcome to call us in order to find out the state of the testing process; we are also happy to send you intermediate test results and to keep you informed.

5. Dispatch of results
As soon as the results are available you receive the test report per email. At the same time we are posting the original test report to you.