Physical tests of fabrics and knitted goods

Design features

We examine and compare fabrics of all kinds and can thus define differences as well as identical properties of each product. With the help of such testing methods the quality of fabrics can be maximised whenever a constant quality standard is required.

Strength tests

Tear strength tests offer an important element in determining the usability of individual articles. They offer information about stability under normal as well as extreme conditions. It is possible to determine tractive powers up to 2 tons for textiles, belts, ropes, leather and other materials.

Performance characteristics

Textiles which are subject to extreme wear and tear should be tested for their resilience. We determine the usability of your products under predetermined or norm conditions. Tests of rub fastness, pilling, dimensional stability and air permeability can give you important parameters.

Fire tests

The testing of flammability is one of the most important testing methods for home furnishing fabrics. Burning textiles in closed rooms can lead to life threatening situations. In order to avoid this it is necessary to examine the flammability of textiles before installation. D-LAB offers you a suitable selection of flammability tests:

  • Test and classification of fire and drip behaviour according to DIN EN 13773 for curtains and sheers
  • The flammability of building products according to DIN 4102-1 B2
  • The flammability of automobile interior equipment according to DIN 75200
  • The flammability of upholstery furniture according to DIN EN 1021-1, DIN EN 1021-2 and BS 5852
  • The flammability of protective clothing according to DIN EN ISO 15025

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